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Tuesday, September 30th, 2008
12:06 pm
One Hour Full Body Thai Massage session
from rednfiery:

Thai Massage is often called "lazy man's yoga" or "assisted yoga" because the practitioner utilizes a combination of compression and stretching techniques intended to stimulate circulation and improve joint and muscle flexibility and mobility. It is done on a mat on the floor with the client fully clothed (loose, comfortable clothing like sweats, pajamas, yoga pants, shorts, etc., is best).

rednfiery frequently receives unsolicited testimonials from some of the best, including pantryslut and imnotandrei.

Minimum bid: $35
12:04 pm
Customized Porn

nadyalec will write you a a custom-written porn story, about you, yes you--including your name and whatever details you want to give him; more personal information if you're pals.

Should be way hot!

Minimum bid: $15
Monday, September 29th, 2008
11:21 pm
Fresh Bread!

Three loaves of home-baked artisanal-quality sourdough bread from eight-year-old starter, baked especially for you; fresh from the oven if we can arrange the timing. (San Francisco Bay Area only)

Donor’s contact info: Alan Bostick, abostick@spicejar.org

Minimum bid: $7.50
3:52 am
Adobe Photoshop CS3 Mac
Full version
Still in factory shrink wrap.
Never opened, registered or activated.

Mac only

Minimum starting bid: $75
3:53 am
Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 Mac
Full version
Still in factory shrink wrap.
Never opened, registered or activated.

Mac only

Minimum starting bid: $50
3:52 pm
Adobe Illustrator CS3 Mac
Adobe Illustrator CS3

Full legal version
Unopened, in original shrink wrap
Never installed, registered or activated
Mac only

Opening bid $50

Other products may be substituted for Illustrator, see list below:
InDesign CS3
Acrobat 9 Pro
2:47 pm
Item: Riot Grrl Care Package
A highly decorated, sharpie-markered, suspicious-looking manila envelope full of zines, stickers, pins, a CD of awesome punk rock and grrlpower, and a confessional letter from a total stranger will arrive in your very own mailbox! Right outta 1993, with love.

Starting bid: $20

Winner may contact: lizzard at bookmaniac.net
Sunday, September 28th, 2008
10:03 am
Item: Original Art!
Donated by: doriankatz

The drawing is 16"wide x 20"high. It will be in a black frame and that'll be 18"x24".

Opening bid: $50
9:52 am
Leaf Choker by Laurie Toby Edison

Photographer and jeweler Laurie Toby Edison has donated this lovely sterling silver leaf choker.

The photograph does not do justice to the fine quality of the leaves.

Minimum bid $30.
Saturday, September 27th, 2008
12:52 pm

Vonda McIntyre, who has never met Fran, has generously donated this beautiful featherless boa, made entirely from beads. The boa is similar to Vonda's famous "beaded sea creatures." Once touched, never forgotten.

Minimum bid: $35

Thursday, September 25th, 2008
5:19 pm
Item: Hairdresser Gift Certificate!
Donated by: whittles

$55 gift certificate toward the services of Angelique at Beauty Art Salon
6136 Medau Pl, Oakland, CA - (510) 339-8822

Angelique is hilarious and amazing. She's a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence who does all kinds of amazing work in the community. She knows how to make long hair look interesting without sacrificing the length. She knows how to do funky fun things with short hair. She's a wiz with color.

Opening bid: $15

(SF Bay Area only)
Monday, September 22nd, 2008
10:59 am
Really Cool Shoes
Item #1: Shiny Red Ballet Flats - Size 6

See the really good pictures in the first comment below. These shoes ARE as shiny as they look in the photos below and have never been worn.

Minimum Bid: $5

Item #2: Shiny Lime Green Platform Shoes SOLD:

Will ship anywhere in the US. Winner pays shipping costs.

Winner May Contact: borggrrl at livejournal dot com

P9140111           P9140112
Sunday, September 21st, 2008
10:44 pm
Item: Good Vibrations Gift Bag
Donated by: Good Vibrations

A Good Vibrations gift bag packed full of many quality naughty surprises, including at least three different vibrators! Plus other fun, sexy goodies.

Opening bid: $25 (a total bargain at this price!)

Will ship anywhere in the USA.

Winner may contact: selk at io.com
10:39 pm
Item: Stereo System
Donated by: frothymix

Complete, nice, stereo set. Comes with a JVC T-X200 tuner, a Sony TA-S7 amplifier, a BSR EQ-3000 equalizer (not pictured--special bonus!) and a pair of Boston Acoustics HD7 bookshelf speakers. Everything works!

Opening bid: $75.

Bay Area only.

Winner may contact: jcduell at gmail.com
Saturday, September 20th, 2008
12:04 am
Item: Signed Copy of Dorothy Allison's Trash
Donated by: Suzanne Corson

One copy of Trash: Stories by Dorothy Allison, signed by the author.

This is the 2002 Penguin reissue of the story collection first published by Firebrand Books in 1988. It includes a new introduction and two additional stories, "Stubborn Girls and Mean Stories" and "Compassion."

Opening bid: $5

Winner may contact bkgrrl at sbcglobal.net

Friday, September 19th, 2008
11:56 pm
Item: Writing Workshop Gift Certificate
Donated by katasutra:

Writing Ourselves Whole Gift Certificate: www.writingourselveswhole.org

Sexuality/Sensuality writing groups and writing groups for survivors of sexual trauma

Writing Ourselves Whole Fall 2008 Schedule:

Declaring Our Erotic: begins October 7
Raw Silk: Women write desire: begins October 8
Write Whole: Survivors Write: begins October 6

This certificate entitles the bearer to free attendance at one Saturday intensive (standard fee: $100) or $100 off a full 8-week writing workshop (standard fee: $250).

Opening bid: $25

Winner may contact jen at writingourselveswhole.org
Friday, September 12th, 2008
5:15 pm
Two Items: A Home-Cooked Meal, An Hour of Editing
Offered by wild_irises:

Item #1: Twenty years in the publishing business, in many different roles, has given Debbie Notkin a good general sense of the industry, plus a lot of specific publishing knowledge. If you have questions about contracts, agents, book deals, cover letters, publishing strategies, and more, an hour with Debbie will help you get your questions answered. (San Francisco Bay Area only)

Minimum bid: $30.

Item #2: Too tired/busy/unskilled to cook? Have a menu in your head that you can't get onto the table? I'll cook a full meal to specifications we work out together (allergies and food preferences taken into account). Maybe I'll cook it and bring it; maybe I'll cook it at your place; maybe you'll come to me. We'll figure those things out together. (San Francisco Bay Area only)

Minimum bid: $35.

Winner may contact kith at spicejar dot org.
5:12 pm
Item: Action Figures!
Offered by sacchig:

A group of four action figures with accessories: Jane Austen, Rosie the Riveter, Anne Bonney the Pirate, and Oscar Wilde.

Can be viewed at:





New, in original packaging.

Retail value: $36 for all four

Suggested opening bid: $25 (includes shipping within the continental USA)

Winner may contact: sacchigreen at gmail.com

(Think of the slash fics you can act out with this crew! I'd offer to write a screenplay for you myself, but I can't foresee any point in the near future when I'd have the time.)
5:10 pm
Item: Chicago Care Package
Item offered by: deepforestowl

Get a feel for Chicago! Care box will include Frango Mint Chocolates, Ferrara Pan Fireballs, a t-shirt or baseball cap of the Chicago sports team of your choice, and misc. other goodies, all sent fresh from a Chicago native!

Suggested Starting Bid: $50

Winner may contact me at: deepforestowl at gmail.com with your name and physical address as well as sports team of your choice. Care box will be mailed a week or so after contact.
5:01 pm
Item: One Hour of Massage
Item offered by whittles:

One hour of massage.

Each body is different. I (Whitney) will work with you to determine the combination of techniques and methods that best benefit you.

Value: $80

Suggested starting bid: $35

Winner can contact - massage at whitneymoses.com

(SF Bay Area only)
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