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hp_army_auction's Journal

The Hella Pretty Auction Community
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Welcome to the Hella Pretty Army Auction community!

This is the online auction portion of a San Francisco-based benefit for poet, activist, and organizer Fran Varian, who is battling late-stage Lyme disease and has no medical insurance to cover her bills. (Fran herself now lives in North Carolina.)

But you don't have to be in either SF or North Carolina to help out! Anyone can bid in this auction, and we have donors from around the country as well.

Bids will be taken online until October 1, 2008. Final bids on most items will be taken in person at the Hella Pretty Army event that evening. Winning bidders will be notified shortly thereafter! All $ collected will go directly to Fran's PayPal account:

For more information, visit www.helphealfran.org.

Want to donate? Contact pantryslut (me!)

Want to bid? Just leave a comment below the item you're interested in -- check previous comments first to see where the bid price is. It's that simple!